Lil Rock, Trap Boyy and X-man

Well since you guys kept asking for it, here is a brand new dark thunder show with some amazing guys getting wild and kinky and you can see them showing off quite the naughty gallery to you all today. They are Lil Rock, Trap Boyy and X-man and they have some very good ideas on how to make this whole thing more interesting to you all for the afternoon. The guys are going to have a threesome on the lake and naturally you get to check it out in this superb gallery without delay too.  Once the cameras get to start rolling there’s no stopping them from having their nasty fun and you have free access to explore the fuck fest with them!

Lil, Trap and X had to decide who gets to be on the receiving end and that got settled soon as they all felt like they wanted to take it in the ass. So since the preview shows just one, rest assured that all of them got to take their turn to have a go at it and it’s just glorious to see. See them getting to be int he middle in turns and you can watch them moan in pleasure while they get to have that ass fucked and that mouth fucked as well at the same time. The whole thing ends only when all three of them get to blow their loads all over one another too and make a huge mess. See you guys and gals next week with another fresh and hot gallery!


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Dark Thunder – Club Auto Shop

As another fresh week swung by, there was time perfect time to see another dark thunder scene go down with some more of our horny guys having fun. And this one takes place at a car club where these two got too horny to wait around any longer and you will get to see them going all over one another fucking each other nice and hard for the afternoon. So yeah, sit back and watch the two buddies sneak into one of the garages and once there their fun begins and of course you get to see it all in their darkthunder scene here today. Either way it’s one amazing and juicy hardcore gay fuck scene that you need to check out today!


And of course it starts off with some cock sucking as the two start to undress. They don’t really have a lot of time to play before the shop gets to be put in use, so they have to make this a quickie and enjoy it. Well those lips have little issue getting the man meat nice and hard from the very start and once that’s taken care of, you can see the guys getting down to do the proper ass fucking. The mechanic guy is really good at stretching that ass with his big dick and the client loves it. So yeah, go ahead and have some fun with this and we’ll see you again next week as per usual with more. Just make sure to drop by and check out the new content!

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Kane and Dykson Smokes

Well, this week’s dark thunder scene is here and by the looks of it, we have some new studs that are into gym workouts and gay sex and the two just come together perfectly in their naughty session today. The two are Kane and Dykson Smokes and after they had a nice and long workout, it seems that they were quite in the mood to get down and dirty too. So yeah, let’s not waste anymore time and just get to the good part as the gym was all empty save for them and they were about to put on quite the darkthunder show for you to see. So yeah, let’s get to see some more amazingly juicy gay fucking already without delay shall we?

The guys set the weights back in their place once they were done as they want to see things neatly put back to their places. And since both of them are mostly naked anyway, what little clothing they had on comes off quickly to reveal their amazingly hot shredded bodies too. The bald guy gets to drop to his knees and started to suck his friend’s dick nice and hard and he fully intends to let him take the reins in this one as he bends over. So yeah, you get to see him getting a good doggie style ass fucking while he moans in pleasure though it and we’re sure that you will love it. We’ll be back again next week once more and there will be some all new and fresh action to see too!


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Dark Thunder – Cassanova 26G

Today’s dark thunder scene is finally here and we know how long you’ve been waiting for a new one. A week can seem like a lifetime when you need your fix and here it is once more. The new gallery is all ready for you to experience today and you can see Cassanova being the star of this one pretty much single handedly. Sure there was another guy there as well to help him out with the naughty action, but he was simply incredible to see in this one as he gets to be on the receiving end and this darkthunder show reveals that he liked it quite a lot. So let’s watch him spread those buns and take it up the ass from another black guy today shall we?


The guys get to have fun outdoors as it’s a nice and sunny day and they know that it’s the perfect setting for them to get down and dirty in too. Watch as Cassanova gets to wrap those thick lips around that cock and you can see him working the shaft to make sure that his buddy is hard. Then he gets to spread the legs like we mentioned and you can check him out as he moans in pleasure for the rest of this glorious and sexy scene, taking it missionary style up the ass nice and hard. See you guys next week when we’ll be back once more with another amazingly fresh and new gallery update for you and some more ebony gay action scenes too!

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Intrigue and Sexy Antwan

Hey there everyone. The hot Brooklyn is back in this one for the new dark thunder scene and he gets to have his fun with Antwan this afternoon. It seems that letting the two play together had quite the effect on their naughty scene, having them be quite naughty and nasty with each other as they got to do their fucking here this afternoon. Anyway, sit back and watch the action go down and you can see some incredible action go down once more. We bet that you guys and gals are all eager to get to see this darkthunder scene unfold, so let’s just get it going and you can feast your eyes upon some more impressive and hot gay action today too.

To start off, you can see the classy kissing and caressing that all the guys around here like to do when they start their fuck and these two are no exception. They know how to make things right by one another and you can see them sixty nine-ing each other to make those cocks stand nicely at attention too. After that is done, their asses get in on the action as well of course and you can see it all unfold right here and right now. To finish this already amazing and hot gay fuck, you can see Antwan getting to take Brooklyn’s load all over his face too. What a way to end it. Well either way, enjoy it and see you next week with more all new updates!


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Dark Thunder – Brooklyn and Intrigue

Hey there guys, dark thunder is back in action this week. We’d say back in black, but that’s these guys’ job as you very well know by now. Jokes aside, you can sit back and check out a brand new and fresh scene with some more impressive and hot gay sex getting done. And this week the two studs that get to play with each other are Brooklyn and Intrigue too, so you know that you will be in for quite the great show with these two right here. This one promises to be one of the best darkthunder shows that we have too and you will see why as soon as the two black gay studs get to have their fun fucking each other for the cameras and you!


Intrigue is about to get all the special treatment that he would want as Brooklyn aims to make that ass his today and to also give oral pleasure too. So yeah, sit back and watch Intrigue laying back and enjoying the cock sucking done to him as he moans in pleasure. And since he’s about to take it in the ass too, you can watch him getting a rimming too. Well Brooklyn is a gentleman about it after all. Either way, see the guy pampered and after all that, you can check him out as he gets to moan in pleasure with that cock in his ass as well. We hope that you will enjoy it and of course more new scenes are going to be here for you to see next week as well. See you then!

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Intrigue, J Rock and Luca

Welcome once more. As you know it’s a new week and that means that a new dark thunder scene is upon us with all new action going down and some more hot ebony guys getting down and dirty. You know that we always aimt o have the best gay ebony sex scenes around and we aim to never disappoint with these. On top of that we’re always trying to make this site the go to place when you want to see some pretty amazing and hot shows go down with some horny guys. So let’s not waste time and see the darkthunder trio formed by Intrigue, J Rock and Luca play nasty. You get to see one superb threesome go down in this special little scene!

They had the living room couch to play on and they know how to put it to some really good use as well. They show starts with everyone getting to be all over one another and teasing one another’s cocks and asses with providing oral pleasure to one another too. When they’re done with that, see them taking turns to be in between each other and you can see their asses and mouths assaulted from both ends. It’s a glorious threesome that you shouldn’t miss and we bet that you will adore the action that goes down in it today entirely. Do take the time to see it through and check out the past scenes as well for even more superbly hot and sexy action!


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Dark Thunder – Thugzilla & Pharoah

Another fresh week and time to see another dark thunder update. We promised you something new, and here we are delivering on it with some more new studs too. Well at least one of them. We have listened to your requests to have more of Thugzilla in action and we asked him if he wants to star in more shows. Well of course he did as he always gets to take the lead in them and the other guy with him today here is Pharoah. That’s a guy that knows fully well how to please cocks and that just makes this darkthunder scene one to not miss out on. So yeah, let’s get it going and watch Pharoah at the mercy of Zilla’s huge cock shall we?


As all the great shows begin, you can see them undress at the start, but since Pharoah is the one to be on the receiving end, you can see him worshiping that cock from the very start here today and not stopping at all until he has Zilla hard like diamonds. He shows off proper oral technique and he knows that Zilla adores it. Well once he’s done sucking his cock and licking those balls you can see him finally taking it up the ass and while that’s going down he moans in pleasure himself the whole way through. Watch this amazing show end with him covered in jizz as he milks that cock once more at the end of it all. Enjoy the view everyone!

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Dallas Knight & Thugzilla

Hey there guys and gals and welcome back to dark thunder and another amazing scene. We know what you like to see and we have more of it this afternoon to go around for all of you without delay. The guys in action for this gallery are Dallas Knight and Thugzilla and you have seen both of them in past galleries too. We wanted to pair them up and see how they’d fare together and as you can see, pure magic happened with the two of them in action right here. Well, let’s get to watch their darkthunder scene here and watch them fucking and we can tell you that you are about to have quite the pleasant surprise with the two of them for the afternoon!

Knight and Thug are two very very sexy men and they know that as well. That’s why at the start of their little fuck scene, you can take your time to watch them in some truly kinky action as they get to undress and not only tease one another but also you as well. They are proud to put those naked muscled bodies on display as they should be and you get to have a nice look at them. Well let the wild sex commence soon after, as you will see them sucking each other’s dicks and then spreading wide to take it in the ass as well. It’s a scene that you just have to see and on top of it, we have something special for you to check out next week as well!


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Dark Thunder – Sexcyone and Juice

Well here is this week’s all new and juicy dark thunder scene and as usual you can see some more sexy guys getting right at it with one another. They are Sexcyone and Juice and they also have very good skills when it comes to fucking and playing dirty with each other as well. They just got done with some basketball practice and according to them, a nice and hard gay fuck is just the thing to do after breaking a sweat on the court. So with that in mind, let’s get to watch this darkthunder show with the two of them getting intimate. We can promise you the show of a lifetime as the two guys get around to fuck all over the place today!


The headband guy seems to be the one taking the man slut role in this one, so you know what that means. You will get to watch him taking it in the ass and he also has the honor of blowing his buddy’s cock to make sure that it’s rock hard and ready for his ass. And he does quite the wonderful sloppy blowjob for his friend to make sure that he’s hard as a rock by the time he gets to spread those legs for him. Then you can take the time to see him moan in pleasure as he takes it missionary style in the ass and enjoys it a lot. And at the end see him whip out that cock and just as his buddy cums, watch him suck that dick dry of jizz today. Enjoy!

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