Dark Thunder – Damari & Mister Buck

We get the new-cummers Mister Buck and his friend Damari on the Dark Thunder gay boat for an fresh video. Once they are done sucking one another’s member, they move to the  coast and get banging till Mister Buck offers Damari a farewell jizz facial.

These guys sure know how to fun. This time they went for a boat trip and things got a little over board. They ended up undressing each other, actually it was more ripping each other than gently undressing, then sniffing each other’s feet, just like the guys from the ScottXXX site! The guys continued with taking turns on sucking each others large cock and after they were both hard they didn’t need too much to start pounding each other and stuffing their buttholes. They just couldn’t get enough of each other and I’m sure you guys are more than curious to see how this scene ended and what they guys could have done next. So check them out in the entire gallery. Also you can watch some cmnm training scenes inside the http://cmnm.us/ blog! Have fun!


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Outdoor Blowing

We have these two fraternity guys blowing each other in the woods for you guys today. The dark thunder guys went to this camp in their spring break, not because they didn’t have anything else to do, but they needed it to pass their year. All those night of partying and drinking made them fail a few classes. So they enrolled with the rest of their class mates. After a few days of hard workouts and all kind of exercises outdoors, they got a bit bored and started skipping their morning workout. They still were up but doing something way more interesting.

They found this quite place in the woods during one of their workouts and they went there every single day and started the day properly with a good blowjob and a rough anal pounding. These guys sure know how to have a good time and you must check out the entire darkthunder gallery to see them in action, it’s worth it. If you want more horny hunks you should take a look at  http://fraternityx.us/ for more amazing scenes featuring the hottest hunks in action. Enjoy it! Also you might enter the gay pissing blog and see some hot guys getting drenched in piss!

outdoor bj

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Black Hunks Fucking

We have more black jocks fucking one another’s asses in this dark thunder scene. Our guy was in a business trip and he was staying at this fancy hotel for two nights. After his meetings he was bored so he spent time at the hotel bar. He was so concerned with his own thoughts that he didn’t even notice that the bartender was checking him out. But he was persistent and offered him a drink from the house. He thought initially that his office had paid for all of this, but after a while the bartender finally had the gut to go and talk with him.

The black hunk was so pushy that our guy gave him the number of the room he was staying in. He didn’t actually believe that he would come, but after he finished his shift, he made him a short visit. He got closer and closer and after he finished teasing he unbuttoned his pants and got on his knees to suck his cock. Now they were both naked and started pounding each other’s asses in his room. If you want more ass pounding scenes you must check out http://blacktgirls.org for their latest updates. Enjoy it!

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Like em how they jerk off

Make sure that you are ready for the latest sexual scene between these two hot and horny guys. They are so eager to please each other that they couldn’t wait to get at home, so they started doing it right into their office. You are going to have a blast watching these two grabbing each other’s huge ebony cocks, milking them and jerking them with passion. Get ready to be impressed by them and see how they will tease each other with their hands and fingers.You will simply adore seeing how they will enjoy having their darkthunder bodies touched and taken care of properly.

One of them is going to do nothing but relax and enjoy having his super sized black cock jerked off, until it will get so huge and so hard that it will explode. You will see a really lard load of cum coming out of that monster tool. Relax and see what else are they about to do, now that they started to warm up. See also the newest like em straight video update, to see more spectacular videos that will turn you on! Enjoy!

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My first banging outdoors

Coming up right next, a fresh new dark thunder video that is going to cheer you up big time! You are about to have a blast seeing these two hot black guys in action, having a wonderful time with each other. You will see them in action, getting all fired up and naughty, drilling right there on the beach, even though there might be people walking by and look at them while they are having fun. You need to see how they are banging their ass holes hard and deep, having a fantastic time with each other.

One of them will get down and bend over, having a huge creamy cum load spread all over his chocolate back. See also the newest gay daddy video update and see many other gay darkthunder scenes! You are going to love watching this incredible post and you will totally adore it and you will get really fired up seeing the whole scene. Stay tuned to see the rest of the scene and get ready for some nice surprises as well. drilling by the river

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The blow job club

We prepared for you a fresh new dark thunder scene, so get ready to see this cock hungry guy having a fantastic time with two of his fuck buddies. He was so horny today that he needed to have fun with two, not just one guy! See him taking those immense cocks and starting to jerk them off, both of them in the same time, sliding his hands up and down. You got to see the whole action, cause it’s really amazing and it will turn you on big time. Have a look at him and see how he is sliding them into his mouth, taking care of each and every single one of them with such an incredible hunger.

While he is sliding one cock into his mouth, he will jerk off the other one with his palms, going up and down with such a great lust. Get ready to see the whole darkthunder action and see how is he about to end up with a huge load of cum all over his mouth and face! Eager for more? See also the most fresh www.cazzoclub.net video update and have a wonderful time! Enjoy each moment and get ready for something really spectacular!

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Naked guys blowing each other

For today, we have two horny dark thunder guys that are going to amaze you with their incredible sexual lust. Check out how horny they are and how eager to please each other. At first, one of them is going to get down on his knees and let the other one come and take his enormous tool and start working on it. See him grabbing it and start stroking it with his palms, making it go from hard to harder instantly. He shoved it right into his eager mouth and he started to tease it with his lips and with his tongue, taking care of the head.

See how is he going to slurp it and munch it, playing with it, just like he wanted the whole day today. Enjoy seeing the darkthunder guys pleasuring each other and get ready to be totally impressed by each and every single one of them. You will see how is this horny guy going to end up, with a huge load of jizz spread all over his face and into his mouth as well. And since he loves the taste of spunk, he will swallow the entire load of cream. See the entire action till the end and check out also the newest naked soldier video update! It’s truly incredible, I promise!

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Dark Thunder – Kamrun and Justyn

Another fresh week and as we promised last time, time to see a new dark thunder show with some more amazingly hot black studs. You know that this site is the best place to come and visit when you want to see black studs get gayer than a diamond studded rainbow and they always get to put on the best shows as we’ve got only the best of the best for you every week. This time is Kamrun and Justyn’s turn to get to play for you and both of them are hot and sexy and big burly men that get to party hard in this darkthunder party for two! So yeah, let the show go on and let’s see some interestingly sexy and kinky gay scenes once again!


The guys need to get out of their outfits first of course and while they get to do that, you can see the bald guy getting his cock treated specially as he gets to be the one to fuck the other guy deep. That other stud is more than happy to put his cock sucking skills on display and when he’s all nice and has that guy hard as a rock, you can watch him bending over to take it hard in the ass doggie style today. Enjoy taking the time to see them fucking hard all over and do come back again next week to see even more incredibly hot gay scenes too. And also, you may want to check out the past updates too, for even more guys getting their asses filled with dick!

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Sexy Redd, Dekarlo and Intensity

Welcome back guys and gals. We know you’ve been eager to see many more new and hot dark thunder gay scenes and we’re here to address that today. There’s a whole new threesome with guys you know and you just can’t miss it for the world this afternoon. It has Redd, Dekarlo and Intensity in it and all of them as you know are great at working the camera while they fuck. We know just what you ladies and gents want to see so we came to deliver it here today. Sit back and relax and let this show commence with the guys in action. We can promise that this is one darkthunder scene that you won’t want to miss if you love seeing black guys fucking each other!

Well, all guys get a turn to get it up the ass, so since who’s on the receiving end doesn’t matter, you can see all of them engage in foreplay with each other too. It’s just great to watch each and every one of their lips working cocks nice and passionately and when they get that meat hard and ready the anal plowing party commences as well. So yeah, enjoy the action with the group today and do come back again soon to see some more. These guys fuck all over the place and by the end of the scene they are all covered in one another’s spunk as well. Just watch the whole thing and be sure that we’ll have a special one for you next time!


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Dark Thunder – Genesis G and Intrigue

Well being the summer and all, these latest dark thunder scenes got to be quite thematic it seems. And by that we of course mean that a lot of the recent studs got to play by the waterside or right on it as they were on a boat. Pretty much like these two horny guys here, Genesis G and Intrigue as they got to let it float around while they got to have their fun with each other on the small boat today. So yeah, let’s get to roll those cameras once more today and watch a juicy and hot show with some more horny darkthunder guys getting kinky. You can bet that you are going to see quite the awesome gay sex scene here once again!


The two gay ebony studs start to make things interesting and steamy from the very start as you will see yourselves, since they get to take off those shorts and put those asses and big dicks on display. You can watch them getting more and more excited as the show carries on and soon after some nice oral too, you can see one of them bending over for the other and taking it from behind for the rest of the show. And to make things even kinkier, at the end you can see the guy shooting that load all over that cute and round black ass too. We hope you had fun and we’ll bring you many more new updates soon as well. See you next week!

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