Dark Thunder – Man and Shai

Hey there guys. There’s an all new dark thunder scene here and we bet that you are eager to check it out too, as you can watch another pair of horny and eager black studs getting to be as naughty and kinky as they want with each other in this one. This one features the pair made by Man and Shai here and the couple get to have the bedroom bed for their use in this scene. They get to put it to some really good use as they get to fuck one another nice and hard and rest assured that you will want to see this one unfold without delay. The darkthunder cameras are ready to roll and the ebony studs are ready to fuck hard today too. So let’s get rolling!


So yeah, the bedroom was the setting that they get to play in. Seems like the guy with the blue headband gets to take the leading role and you can see him whip out that big black meat for his buddy to suck on. He gets to take his time to make sure that he also rim jobs his fuck buddy too as he needs that ass nice and eager to take his big black meat. And once that is done, you get to see him fuck the guy in every position for the rest of this glorious gallery here. We’re sure that you will adore this one and we’ll return again next week with another new update too. Be sure to drop by and check it all out guys and gals. We’ll be waiting for you right here!

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