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Intrigue, Pheonix plus Mo Joe.
Intrigue and his lover Phoenix find the fresh meat for their hot sandwich in these new threeway dark thunder videos. See them put this newbie Mo Joe at work on their dick. Mo Joe is really a young black boy who is eager to please. He is happy to blow and to get fucked by his experienced black brothers as he works his way up the darkthunder ranks. See these guys fucking around till they all cum. We know you guys are very eager to see this sex show go down, so let’s not wait around any longer to just get this fuck fest started today shall we?

Like we said, this whole thing took place on a boat ride. And even though the boat was a smaller one, these three black studs made it work today as they were very eager and horny. And they were pretty much willing to do anything to get some sexual fun started. Watch as one horny stud gets his big and hard cock sucked by another one and that guy himself gets his tight butthole licked by the third one. So just sit back and enjoy the show with these three studs today. We’ll see you next week as usual and be sure to check out the past updates too everyone. Until then, enter the next door buddies blog and see some cock hungry gays fucking one another!


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DarkThunder – Intrigue & Santana Delacuze

Skinny boy Santana Delacuze from darkthunder better not be as delicate as he appears because perverted Intrigue is not one to have whim when he tops a black brotha. Watch the sparks fly in the next thug orgy video. We decided to switch things up a bit and also as a sign of our thanks for following us, today we bring you a nice and hot video that you get to see with the aforementioned studs today. You get to see some more hot and steamy gay sex go down with some very horny and hot hunks today. So without further due, let’s sit back and watch the show.


These two muscled studs sure know how to have fun and just for you they will engage in a super hard style gay fuck fest today. Watch as they begin with sucking and deep throating each other’s cocks in front of the cameras to set the mood a bit more and then the real show begins with them presenting their asses. Santana gets to be first to go balls deep in that tight ass, and you can pretty much bet that Intrigue himself did just that when his turn came up too. Enjoy this afternoon gay sex video that they bring you everyone and see you next week with even more hot stuff. Wanna see other hot guys sucking cocks? If you do, check out the fraternityx site! Have fun!

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Cody Miles plus Damori

The hot and erotic massage between Cody and his lover Damori is just the start of their guy-on-guy hook-up hotbarebacking here on darkthunder.com! You’ll adore seeing how their delicate handy work becomes a blow and fuckfest in front of your eyes. As always you can rest assured that you will be in for a good time with these two. Cody is one horny and hot stud just like the guys from the uomotv blog and he always seems to love sticking his cock in some tight ass. Lucky for him today he’d get to stuff his dick inside his fuck buddy named Damori and the two of them end up fucking the whole afternoon for today.

Cody got a chance to meet this dude at a bar, and the two of them seemed to be pretty much into the same things. And so they headed back to Cody’s place for a nice little fuck fest. see them as they undress and massages each other all over. And since neither of them cares who gets to be the alpha male, today they will be taking turns to fuck one another in the ass as well. Sit back and watch as Cody gets to be first, and watch him ram his cock up Damori’s ass. Then see Cody get the same treatment as he also gets his tight ass fucked by his friend today. Enjoy it and see you next time! Until then, you might visit the http://www.jakecruise.org site and see some gorgeous men getting ass fucked!


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Dark Thunder – Casanova 26g and Tico Time

Things rapidly escalate in these erotic dark thunder galleries and erotic massage among Casanova and his partner Tico Time. From massaging body muscle to massaging prostate it is the kind of heavy penetrating attention you’ll kill for. Check out Casanova swallowing that fat cock down on his throat. These two stunning buddies love to have their sexual fun, and you got to see Casanova here before in one of our updates. Today he comes back in force and he’s joined by Tico in a nice and hot little scene where they get to share some screen time. So let’s watch their little fuck fest unfold for this fine day shall we?


The two guys are sure eager to get started as right from the start they make for each other’s cocks, and Tico seems to be the one to end up to take it up the ass first. And so he continues his little cock sucking session for Casanova this afternoon to get him all nice and hard for his tight ass. Watch as Tico then gets to ride the big and hard cock for this whole afternoon. And you can bet that he enjoyed that solid cock ramming his tight butt this whole afternoon today. Have fun with it and as always make sure that you stay tuned for our next scenes. You won’t want to miss them and that is a guaranteed fact. For similar material, enter the huge gay pass site and see other gorgeous Latino men fucking!

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Intrigue and his lover Pleasure Boi

Intrigue and his lover Pleasure Boi go to the gym for a total different type of work out in the next darkthunder video. They get comfy on the weights bench as well as work up a sweat using a severe ass hammering. Well we wanted to pair up Intrigue and Boi and see what chemistry they had, and the answer as you can clearly see is quite a lot. The two studs had tons of fun this fine afternoon and they just couldn’t get enough of one another. They are crazy about fucking, just like the guys from the malefeet4u blog! Well since this was the case you can expect to see these two male studs together once more in the near future. But until then enjoy this nice gallery that they share.

It all took place in the gym with Boi acting like a private trainer to give Intrigue some tips on lifting weights. And the two soon get some innuendo going. Boi seems to want all of Intrigue’s cock inside his tight ass today and he’s not having anything less. Sit back and watch him make his proposition to intrigue which accepts on the spot and let’s Boi take care of his cock as he starts to suck and slurp on it with a passion today. Then watch the horny and sexy Boi as he takes that dick deep in his ass riding his new fuck buddy hard for today. We bet that you’ll enjoy it too and we’ll be seeing you guys next week as usual! Don’t forget to visit http://staghomme.org/ blog if you are looking for similar gay sex videos!


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DarkThunder – Intrigue & Jamaican Flava

Innocent and good looking Jamaican Flava has one sexy and Intrigue put his eye on it for a while. Check out the next darkthunder.com gay sex video and see what goes on when he finally is able to break in that A-grade ass with his hard, fat, black tool. As you can see this was a pretty boring day for the two studs and so they decided to make it a bit more fun as they’d get to have a go at one another’s asses this afternoon while you watch the whole thing. And the set itself was Intrigue’s living room where he wanted to taste his buddy’s big cock without any more delays today.


The cameras start to roll and you get to see Intrigue taking off Flava’s shorts to reveal that he wasn’t wearing any underwear underneath his shorts. But that’s just his style. Watch as Intrigue starts to lick and suck on his cock and balls to get his buddy hard, and you also get to see him slurp and deep throat that big dick of Flava’s. Watch as then Intrigue takes a nice and hard ass fucking from his fuck buddy right there on the couch today as Flava just adores to stick his cock in some tight asses. Enjoy this hardcore and hot gay scene today and do come back next week for some more nice and fresh scenes. Also you might enter the twink cum site and see some cock hungry twinks getting their tight asses stretched by big cocks!

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Dark Thunder – Black Rod & Pleasure Boi

Black Rod and hi buddy Pleasure Boi are part in one of the hottest outdoor fuck dark thunder galleries we’ve ever filmed. You will be as hot as these silver daddies are under the severe sun once you finished watching. Watch them fucking each other senseless in this nice scene just for your entertainment everyone. They chose a nice and private spot at a lake and they took a boat to a rock formation in the middle. There they’d get to fuck as much as they wanted without anyone disturbing them. And since we know that you’re eager to see them too let’s get their nice show on the road for this nice update!

As the scene starts, the two guys can be seen taking their ride there. And once they make sure that the coast is clear they get to their nice little outdoor fuck scene for today. Watch them getting undressed to show off some really hot and sexy bodies to the cameras and watch them get straight to business as they begin to suck one another off. Then you get to see Rod as he lays on his back on a big rock while his buddy Boi inserts his big dick inside his tight ass today. Watch as Rod moans in pleasure of getting his anal hole penetrated and enjoy the superb scene that these two studs bring you. Also you might enter the Phoenixxx site and see other muscled gay guys having sex!


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Dragon & Intrigue

Dragon will pay good attention to the requirements of his lover Intrigue in this dark thunder gay one-on-one encounter, sucking his big rod perfectly. Next, in this gay latino videos update, as a reward for great service, this super hot muscle hunk is bent over the workplace and he is madly hammered hard by Intrigue’s fat, black tool. The guys finish off with a nice little jerk-off session. But the meat of this whole nice little scene is the nice and hard ass fucking that went down before it. So let’s not waste anymore time to just sit back and enjoy these two studs!


Seeing as they got a bit of free time on their hands this afternoon the two guys were very eager and happy to get to spend some time together to fuck hard style. And you just need to see them undress one another and presenting each other with their big and hard cocks today. Watch them sucking one another off, and then see the hunks taking turns to fuck one another in the ass for this nice and hot update today. And also enjoy the nice and hot little jerk off scene at the end like we said to see them blow their loads all over one another. We hope that you’ll like it and we’ll see you next week with more! For more hardcore gay sex scenes, visit the site!

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DarkThunder – Black Rod & Phenix

Tattooed sexy black porn star Phenix has returned and he has found some fresh meat to have his cock in the next darkthunder.com video. Bald bottom dude Black Rod takes a fat pipe meat up his asshole real good on the next outdoor fuck encounter. Do not miss him taking that monster cock on the sand dunes. Either way this fine afternoon you’ll be in for a nice show with these two studs as they will get around to fuck one another for your viewing pleasure this fine day. So without further due, just relax and enjoy a nice and sexy gallery with two hot studs having some sexual fun.

Rod and Phenix are long time friends and just as long time fuck buddies. They met up one night at the club and had a quick fuck in the bathroom and they’ve been enjoying each other’s asses and cocks ever since. Today the two went on a little field trip and as you can see they stopped by a nice hill to have a quick fuck today. Watch them getting naked and sucking one another’s big cocks, and then watch Phenix as he takes his turn first to ride that big cock of Rod today. Rest assured that his time also came to fuck Rod in the ass too, and you get front row seats to the nice and hot show today just like in chaosmen videos. See you next time, friends!


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Dark Thunder – Cassanova and buddy Jermany

New dudes Cassanova and his buddy Jermany get wet and crazy in the shallow hot water for these nest dark thunder videos, sucking and screwing each other without worry in the outdoors. Lovely Cassanova has the hottest abs we have ever seen and coupled with his tattooed bod, he is a stunning body of work Jermany has a damn sexy ass on him.These athletic swimmers are going to stretch their tight holes to the limits and to fuck from behind, their favorite position, so enjoy these new comers in hardcore action. So let’s see this nice and hot scene unfold in front of the cameras today shall we?


These two studs had a bit work to do before they managed to find a nice and secluded spot to fuck, and we know that they eventually had their fun when they did so. Watch them step off their little boat and see them get to work as they kiss passionately and take off their shorts to reveal their cocks for the cameras. And you get to see the sexy stud Jermany as he bends over to present his buddy with his fine ass for a hard fucking today. So watch Cassanova go balls deep in that tight and firm ass for this nice update. Rest assured that there will be more next week so enjoy and we’ll be seeing you then everyone!

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