Dark Thunder – Scorpion King & Steel

Another fresh week and time to see another new and fresh dark thunder scene here with all new and hot guys getting kinky for you ladies and gents. This week we have King and Steel in action and King is about to get that meat sword right up his ass. Well rest assured that this King got to wield that Steel quite well earlier too, when he got to lick and suck it. Haha, sorry for the puns everyone, but there was a chance and we took it. Anyway, the two guys here get to enjoy their time in this darkthunder scene for the afternoon and you will get to watch their every move in it. So yeah, sit back and enjoy the nice fuck that they share with you today!


The black couch comes back into action in this one too, and just like the last two, they got to put it to some very good use as they screwed one another on it all afternoon long today. King and Steel are two very hot guys as you can see and they know how to be a cock tease as well to you all in the beggining too, since they put on quite the amazing and kinky strip show for you all to see as well. Either way, the real action is when they get to fuck and it’s very very impressive to watch. Sit back and watch the action everyone. We’re sure that you will quite enjoy the naughty session that the two end up putting on screen for you all today. And we’ll see you soon!

Enjoy watching these jocks slamming their asses!