Dark Thunder – Rudy and Ty Thomas

Today’s new and fresh dark thunder studs are here to put on a good show and rest assured that you just have to sit back and check them out playing dirty with each other. They are Rudy and Ty Thomas and you can see that they look quite amazing too. Both of the guys are muscled hunks with amazing looking bodies and they know one hundred percent well how good they look too. And it looks like their naughty little show takes place at the gym once everyone’s left and they wanted to work their bodies a tad longer. So yeah, let that darkthunder show roll and let’s get right to watching the two have some gay sensual sex today shall we?


Both guys get to undress from the relatively little clothing they had on, and you can see those amazing bodies put on display for you today. They look quite sexy as you can see and they know it too. They get to start kissing and caressing one another too and you can watch them sucking one another off as well to get those nice and big cocks rock hard for each other’s asses as well and then you can see them taking their turn to fuck each other hard style for the rest of this show today. We bet you’ll love it and we have a feeling that you’ll get to see more of these two in action around this place in future scenes as well. Bye bye for now everyone and enjoy!

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